Monday, 16 April 2012

Our music video on YouTube

This is a still of me uploading our music video straight away to YouTube, I uploaded the video for my group also on my YouTube account. 

This is just a close-up of our music video, we chose YouTube as it is a much bigger platform for our audiences to view our music video other than websites 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Our music video on Facebook

These screen-shots are just of our music video on Facebook, I uploaded it on my Facebook account for the group. As you can see it is an easy way of communicating with our audiences as this link then leads to a hyperlink of our music video on YouTube. I put it on Facebook as I wanted my friends who are seen as our fellow peers to comment on it, also because I know a lot of my friends like alternative music so I wanted their advice on how our music video hits those codes and conventions of an alternative music video. We did get a good supply of feedback from Facebook and this shall be uploaded as soon as possible and edited in to my final evaluation. 

Our music video on Twitter

This is my Twitter page, and at the top is my latest tweet that I have sent to Bjork, I sent her a link to our music video on Yotube and I asked her if she could retweet it to her fans. This would mean even more coverage of our music video and hopefully even more feedback. Even if she doesn't tweet it my followers will see it and give us more views hopefully. 

This is my comment to Bjork I do hope that she retweets it, I was polite and tried to give her enough information within the word limit of Twitter about our music video.